The Worst Advice About Mobile Application Development

With smart technology growing every day, it’s rare to find people who don’t use it in some way, whether it’s through their phone, tablet, or home device. Due to people frequently using their device in a single day, some think they are experts on technology and apps. InnoviMobile has heard the good, the bad, and the ugly about mobile application development. We’re sharing some of the bad advice so you can learn from other people’s mistakes and have your business thrive instead of dive.

The App Will Sell Itself

This may have been true when apps were just starting up in 2008, but now, the market is overloaded with so many apps that marketing is the only successful way to distinguish your app from the crowd. When Apple’s app store launched in 2008, it had 500 apps available to the public. Now, there are thousands upon thousands of apps competing for attention. This makes developing an original app much harder than it once was. The focus now is to ensure a strong product launch by investing in successful marketing. Your app doesn’t need to be number-one as long as your app is able to provide additional value to your already established services and products. The purpose of an app is to increase your profit and to generate customer loyalty. If you’re going to get in on the app action, you need to be in it for the long haul.

You Have an App So You Don’t Need a Website

This is a sure-fire way to lose both new and existing customers. First-time users of your native app—the type of app that will live on a device and be accessible through the home screen—can experience various issues while they:

  • create an account on your app store
  • download the app
  • install the app
  • figure out the app’s functionality

If you don’t have a website that explains how to use your native app, you will lose potentially loyal customers. Customers expect your services or products to make their life easier and some people prefer using a website over native apps. These individuals find an app’s environment too confining for their tastes, or they can’t use the app because they need a specific device. Although an app’s publisher can control what its users see and do within the environment, some customers want to see and do more, so they turn to your website instead.

You Should Develop Your App Without Anyone Else’s Input

It takes a village to create an app that will bolster business profits and increase customer engagement. If you want your business to profit from your app and gain more followers and users, you need to see the app from other people’s perspective, including that of beta testers and customers.

Beta testers are important in every industry because they find problems and provide valuable feedback that can be used to enhance product and service offerings before they are released to the public. A beta tester will make your app user-friendly, whether it’s by testing the app on different browsers or suggesting to eliminate unnecessary content for an optimized layout.

Staying up to date on the latest technology as well as your industry’s trends will give you a better idea of what your customers want and expect from your app.

If you’ve been given advice about developing a mobile application and you’re worried about heading in the wrong direction, contact and learn about our app developers today so we can set you straight! Ask how your business can benefit from our Innovi App Monitor.