The Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business


You probably have a love hate relationship with technology today don’t you? But let’s face it, smart phones and mobile apps run our daily life. Let’s consider these fun facts. We are spending so much more time online with them! The time spent on our mobile devices has increased by over 500% in the last 3 years and 80% of our time using our phone is spent using an app! Individuals spend over two hours a day on their mobile device. Wow! With these numbers it’s no shock that we use our phone for literally everything. It makes sense for most businesses, whether big or small to have a mobile app.

Take your marketing to the next level! An app will help you be visible to customers at all times. They are scanning their phones every day, multiple times a day and they will see your app every time!  This will build brand recognition for you and your company. Your app is like a billboard sign on their phone. Get them involved with your app and you will achieve “effective frequency”. Stand out from the competition!

Today, customers are on the move and they are using mobile apps to get them there. They might be using a phone, tablet or another smart device – but they still have all the information they need at their fingertips. Mobile apps are found in pretty much every industry; hospitality, auto, retail, food services and many more. A mobile app can help you by attracting and retaining customers/clients, no matter what kind of business you have!

Our app development in NYC specializes in developing mobile apps for these kinds of enterprises.


Some of the biggest benefits of having an app for your company is:

  • Reinforcing your brand
  • Enhance your visibility
  • Increase exposure
  • Engage with your customers in a whole new way

And because technology makes things run smoother you can also

  • Have easy access to your inventory
  • Get instant notifications
  • Immediate access to contact information
  • Make fast appointments
  • And many more!

Does any of this seem like a perfect fit for you? At Innovi Mobile we can help your team build the perfect app for your needs! Check out our Mobile App Development Services today!