Where Do You Think Mobile Apps Will Take Us In The Next 10 Years?

This question really makes you think! It’s only 2018 and mobile apps can already do so many things like turn your lights on and off, close your garage door if you forgot and even check on your home security. If we think they already so much, where will they be in 2028? Check out these cool theories below!


It will be so surprised that you will need an app for virtually anything you use. Stores in 2028 will have a universal mobile app where you can check out. That’s right everyone, no more waiting in lines! You will probably have to scan the barcode into the phone and off you go with your purchase. You might even have to walk through some kind of screening to make sure you didn’t steal anything. Think of the Amazon GO stores.


There is already an app out there for customers to hook up a device to their car that sends information to their local shop of any warning lights that come on. The downfall of this though, it tracks your information and most people like their privacy. There is going to come a time in the next 10 years where dealerships (big or small) are going to use a universal app for customers to schedule routine maintenance, get updates on their car and much more.

Hospitality & Food

Concierge? Hostesses? Waiters? In 10 years these terms will be distant memory. *cue sad music* OK but seriously, in 2028 when you arrive at a hotel or your favorite restaurant the only thing you need to do is check in on your phone! Need to order your food? Order it on the tablet that is on your table. You probably will be getting up and getting your own food also, remember waiters are just a memory now. No more remotes for your hotel TV, you can control all of that by your own phone (good for germ phobia)!

Let’s face it, technology is slowly taking over our world. It’s only 2018 and we have self-driving cars and Amazon GO. Just imagine what the year 2028 turns out to be? Yes, technology may have had its flaws, but there are also so many positives that come out of this.

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So, where do you think it will take us in the next 10 years? We’re curious to see what you think, so comment below!