What Makes A Successful App?

What Makes A Successful App?

It’s no shock that mobile app developers want to create and launch a successful app. Innovi Mobile is here to break down the most important tips on what it takes!

#1 Simplicity

First impressions mean everything! If you don’t create an app that is simple in the first 30 seconds of looking at after it’s been downloaded chances are they’re going to delete it. So app developers, GIVE US A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION!

#2 iOS & Android Compatible

Both Apple and Android are the rulers of the smartphone and tablet world. Besides your Amazon tablet (does anyone have one?) most Americans have one or the other. You want your app to be friendly on both operating systems. Some people have an iPhone and an Android Tablet and trust us when we say they don’t want to see anything different if they switch between apps. So always remember to test on ALL devices.

#3 High Performance

Nobody wants a slow running app in 2018. When developing your mobile app make sure the application launches quickly for the first time. And don’t forget, your app needs to be continuously optimized.

#4 Security

This tip is so important and we can’t stress this enough. You want your app secure as possible, especially if customers are putting in their personal information. It’s even more important to follow this step if you develop apps for the healthcare industry because their confidentiality is protected on a legal level.

#5 Regular Updates

Nobody wants an app that always crashes or has bugs, so make sure you check for everything and you roll out regular updates so you can avoid this messy situation.

#6 Personalized Options

Try to use this option where it’s possible! Everyone loves to add their own little touch to any mobile app they’re using. Offer different fonts, colors, and sizes.

#7 Analytics

This feature tracks users moves and gets the full information about their behavior. You can measure the success of your app this way. How you can see what others are doing, or not doing, can help make your app better.

Don’t forget to reach out when you need your next mobile app! InnoviMobile strives to help clients generate more revenue while reducing expenses through our mobile app development services.