The Importance On Mobile App Maintenance

Like a car, your mobile app needs constant care even after it went live! If you don’t have ongoing maintenance, your app will experience issues and things will not run smoothly. Some of the variables with your app will change in a few months if you don’t keep up. Some things that can impact performance are:

  1. Hardware
  2. Operating System
  3. Styles and Design
  4. Security Bugs

There isn’t a set rule for how often you should update your app, but if it hasn’t been updated in about 6 months it’s safe to say that it should probably be looked at. You also want to keep an active presence on app stores because they can be taken down if they’re dormant. Another important tip is to listen to customer reviews! After all, they are the ones that are giving you business in the end. Without them, the app wouldn’t be possible!

This is one of many things InnoviMobile can help you, not only we develop awesome mobile apps, but we also maintain them.

So fellow developers, always remember to roll out updates!