The Difference Between Native, Web, and Hybrid Apps

Are you ready to invest in an app, but you can’t get past the terminology? Our InnoviMobile experts are not only here to help develop your app, but to work with you in deciding the best course of action. While there are many factors to consider in choosing the right app, such as your budget and deadline, it’s important to understand what benefits each one can provide for your business.

Native Apps

When people use the term ‘app’, it’s usually the native app to which they are referring. Native apps are the ones whose icons are on your smart phone’s home screen. It’s called ‘native’ because the app lives on your phone, giving you a direct and quick access to it. They are downloadable through an application store, like Google Play, and are designed to be used on only one platform, such as iOS or Android.

The benefits of developing a native app consist of:

  • a faster and easier performance on the user’s device
  • a support system from the app store right at the user’s fingertips
  • easier development because developers have access to a software development kit (SDK)
  • push notifications that alert the user to view new updates

Web Apps

A web app is an application that is accessed through a web browser over a network, making it appear to be a website. This is why many people are confused by it. A website provides static information while a web app is more interactive. If you were to visit a restaurant’s website and it allowed you to make a reservation, order food online, or purchase a gift card, then this would actually be a web app.

It’s beneficial to have a web app because:

  • it can be developed for one operating system
  • it is easier to maintain with its common codebase
  • it can be easily customized and made to be compatible with older mobile devices
  • it can be released at any time and in any form

Hybrid Apps

When you combine a native app with a web app, the result is a hybrid app. It’s a web app that can be installed like a native app and is accessible through an app store. Many businesses use a hybrid app because they’re unsure if their users will like it and use it, so they play it safe.

A hybrid app offers:

  • cost-effectiveness with one codebase to manage
  • a quicker launch compared to a native app
  • cross-platform development
  • easy maintenance

Ready to dive into the app world? InnoviMobile has experience developing mobile apps for multiple platforms and our developers have received Good Dynamics Training certifications. We deliver top service to help your business succeed. Consult our portfolio to see if we’re the right fit, or contact us today in Canada or the US to get started!