OnDemand Development

The only mobile development subscription service that includes app performance monitoring

Imagine having access to highly experienced mobile development resources without the ongoing management and expense of in-house personnel.

Now, imagine having all of that, plus the ability to have your mobile applications monitored 24/7 to prevent or mitigate any bugs, crashes, or failures.

You can stop imagining because Innovi OnDemand is here.

Mobile application development can be a complex enterprise and expensive investment for many companies, but mobile apps are the future of business.

Having your applications online and available on iOS, Android, and Xamarin will be critical to your app’s long-term success.

The challenge is that development costs are unpredictable.

Enterprise mobility development can cause a huge headache if you don’t have the right internal resources or the right external partner. But internal resources are costly, and outsourcing to the wrong firm can spell trouble.

With Innovi OnDemand you have the best of both worlds — mobile app developers who you have access to when you need it and the cost savings, which come along with a subscription model.

Innovi OnDemand provides the flexibility to augment existing enterprise mobility projects, or tap into reserve developer time on a monthly basis.

Game Changing Mobile App Monitoring

Your app is doing great. It’s being downloaded by millions of people or even one that is used internally but is mission critical. All that time and effort you spent developing it finally seems worth it as more and more users start t use it

And then your app crashes. Users report that some of the functionality is slow.

What do you do?

As part of every Innovi OnDemand project you engage us with, you’ll have the ability to have us deploy our mobile app monitoring system Innovi App Monitor. Innovi App Monitor is going to change the way you manage your mobile applications and mobile application development.

Innovi App Monitor proactively monitors your application performance for crashes and performance issues. At any sign of either, it will alert you, and we’ll begin researching a fix.

You’ll never be caught by surprise again should anything go wrong with your app.

How it Works

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  • Our developers get to work.