Mobile Apps In The Healthcare Industry


Mobile apps in the healthcare world are becoming the norm in the United States. It would be very odd for you to walk into a hospital and not have an app available for use! There is a difference between consumer apps like Facebook and shopping apps like Macy’s and Nordstrom and business apps that are used in hospitals and doctors offices. The apps in hospitals and doctors offices provide a wide range of services to furnish patients with information about their doctor, treatment, medications and much more. You can control your television, call a nurse, or put on music while using these apps.

You’re probably wondering if these apps are secure. The answer is yes! The hospital apps must meet HIPAA compliant messaging, which means setting security standards that provide a degree of protection and receiving consent from patients to share private information. By doing this, patients can choose their preferred method of communication.

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With technology continuing to grow, it only makes sense for hospitals to adapt to this change. After all, only 80% of doctors use a smartphone or tablet at work and 93% of physicians use mobile technology in their daily work. Mobile apps in the healthcare industry also help patients schedule appointments, monitor the side effects of medication and remind them to take pills.