How To Test For A Fast UI

Testing your UI is a great way to make sure your app is running normally. The whole reasons for these tests are to make sure that the app is still intact by interacting with the visible elements.  Even though testing your UI is vital, there are some drawbacks like long run times, difficulty debugging and bad tests.

Your App Has A Need For Speed

Generally, UI tests take a long time to run because they are testing everything, literally.

The tests are usually dependent on both the time it takes for data to be returned and also the speed at which the device can render the elements on the screen! To work through the slow tests, you can prioritize and group your tests to get quicker results.

Efficiently Test Your Groups

To save on time, try running certain parts of your UI in groups. For example, run a group of tests scheduled for the morning and then run a group of tests for the night. This step will save you some serious time!

If you need more help on doing this step, make sure to reach out to any of our App developers. Learn about our app developers.

Failure Is A Good Thing (Sometimes)

Take full advantage of any failed tests you got. Prioritizing the most critical tests will save time! You can also stop the test run as soon as the app fails one of the most basic checks. An example would be a user logging in. There isn’t a need to test that area anymore because the chances of them failing are also high.

There are, of course, many other ways to efficiently test your UI but we believe these are the 3 most important steps your business can take while testing your UI.