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InnoviMobile: Making a Name in Building and Maintaining Apps

Mobile has become a business necessity

With the rapid growth in the use of smartphones and mobile devices, apps proliferate. From gaming and fun, to practical and Internet of Things (IoT)-driven, apps have become a big part of the consumer experience. Businesses that can create and reliably offer apps that drive consumer engagement by making their lives more fun, more productive, or more rewarding can reap big rewards.

InnoviMobile has been there since 2008

But, with competition, consumer needs and technology changing constantly, it can be challenging, if not downright impossible, for businesses to stay relevant. That’s where InnoviMobile comes in. Since 2008 we’ve been helping customers develop or maintain their mobile apps. Our proprietary process helps enterprise customers rapidly develop apps that connect to their backend systems. And, we offer convenient maintenance plans to help them ensure their apps are running smoothly and meeting customer needs.

Visit our app development in NYC and find out what we do best. listed us as a Top Mobile App Developer

Our work hasn’t gone unnoticed. We’ve been listed by Clutch, a business-to-business market research firm based in Washington, D.C., as both a Top IoT Developer and a Top Mobile App Developer. This is a crowded space, with many developers in the market, making it challenging for businesses to choose a vendor they can trust.

Clutch’s exhaustive process, based on a review of a dozen qualitative and quantitative factors, and a rigorous evaluation that includes direct feedback from agency clients, helps to separate the best from the rest. We’re extremely gratified to have made the cut.

As one of our clients, an entertainment solutions company, told Clutch: “We’ve always had very good outcomes from InnoviMobile’s work. They’re usually the first ones to help us out with any issues, without setting up an actual agreement.”

Another client, a large hotel organization, said: “InnoviMobile was responsive, timely, had a can-do attitude, understood our business challenge, and provided help for it.” Interested in learning more? We invite you to take a look at our Clutch profile.