The Advantages of Mobile App Maintenance

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It’s safe to say that ongoing mobile app maintenance is a must for the smooth running of any medium to large size mobile application. Having a mobile app maintenance plan in place results in fewer performance issues improved user experience and reduced repair time among other advantages. An app maintenance plan will also keep your app up to date with all the latest technological advances and trends.

It’s pretty clear that mobile app monitoring is an important aspect of app development and launch. What kind of benefits can this bring to your business? There are many positive elements of mobile application maintenance services that can make an impact on your business. Consider these important advantages of mobile app maintenance when deciding on the monitoring plan that’s right for your organization.

Financial Benefits

When creating a new mobile app, every company wants to release a polished, finished product. But trying to create a perfect application from initial launch is not only next to impossible, it will usually result in overspending on initial costs. One way to avoid this pitfall is to implement a mobile application maintenance plan, allowing for timely updates and improvements. In lieu of an app that is packed with unnecessary features, a maintenance plan allows companies to add features as needed in a timely manner, without wasting money on things they don’t need.

In addition to saving money on initial development cost, factoring in a maintenance plan can also save companies money in the long run of their business. A maintenance plan ensures that mobile app monitoring is done with a proactive rather than a reactive approach. This can eliminate technical and/or security issues before they escalate, saving the company the trouble of paying for more repairs than they have to.

A recent survey shows that 21 percent of companies report either below the average or disappointing return on investment from its mobile app. Clearly, there is a disconnect since these same companies reported improving app performance as a top priority. A mobile app maintenance and monitoring plan can repair this disconnect.

Investing in the right mobile app maintenance and monitoring plan can increase ROI and ensure that the goal of improving app performance is met. What should companies budget for the cost to maintain an app? Mobile app maintenance cost is estimated to be between 15 to 20 percent of initial development costs, not a small sum, but one that will pay off in spades in the financial future of your company. The right mobile app support partner will maximize your budget and ensure that your app is functioning at peak performance, without wasting any unnecessary resources. Thanks to mobile app maintenance, this smart use of resources results in positive financial advantages.

Improved User Experience

A finding in a recent app-update study from BI Intelligence shows that a proper maintenance plan results in higher ratings from app users. This finding highlights the advantages that a mobile application maintenance and support plan can bring to your mobile app. An improved user experience is a difference between an app that fails and one that succeeds.

App users are also 40 percent more likely to abandon apps when they encounter a bug. In situations like these, it’s clear to see the advantages of mobile app monitoring. Proper maintenance ensures that all features are working correctly. This action makes the app experience a positive one for the end user and results in an app that is consistently more efficient. Efficiency is an important element of a positive user experience and one that is certainly positively impacted by mobile app monitoring. It’s no secret that an app in peak form will absolutely improve the user experience, another huge advantage of a mobile app maintenance plan.

Timely Technical Enhancements

The technical environment of mobile apps is in constant flux. New programming languages, technology advances, platform changes and many other elements require mobile apps to be updated constantly. An ongoing mobile app maintenance plan will allow your app to comply with and adapt to these changes quickly.

Making maintenance a critical part of your mobile app strategy can absolutely be the difference between a stable and secure application and one that is vulnerable to a multitude of technical challenges and potential failure. After all, industry experts agree that maintaining an app is essential to its long-term success. Staying up to date with security changes, app updates, design and development and other elements is made much easier with mobile app maintenance.

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Personalized Monitoring

For those companies that simply don’t have the bandwidth or resources to implement a proper maintenance plan for their apps on their own, an external mobile app support partner can be the right choice. This also allows for a type of personalized monitoring you wouldn’t typically find with an internal approach. Mobile app monitoring also provides all four main pillars of maintenance: corrective, adaptive, perfective and emergency.

Corrective maintenance corrects any flaws found in the app, while adaptive maintenance adapts to changing technologies and updates the app as needed. Perfective maintenance improves performance through updates done after launch and emergency maintenance quickly fixes flaws that might stop an app from being operational.

The type of personalized monitoring that a comprehensive mobile app maintenance and support plan implements can’t be emphasized enough. Performance improvement, the timely repairs of bugs, staying up to date with current mobile app trends are just some of the advantages to a mobile app maintenance and support plan. An app that is updated with the latest software and looks great is an important aspect in the long-term health and longevity of an app.

Proper monitoring of mobile apps will ensure that all maintenance tasks such as upgrades, improvements and bug fixes happen in a timely, efficient manner. Above all, mobile application maintenance can be the deciding factor of the health and wellness and success of your app. Considering the many advantages a mobile app maintenance agreement can bring, companies should strongly consider mobile app monitoring and mobile app maintenance as one of the most important elements of its B2B mobile app venture.