Steps to optimize your in-store app

With new apps being introduced to the world every day, you need to take the extra steps to really optimize your app in the store. An optimized app means more downloads, which can lead to more subscriptions, purchases, shares and customer engagements.

Know your audience

Do a little research on the people you want to target this app to. Research how often and when they use your competitors apps. You’ll have to get an analytic tool which can highlight user data which can build out a good app description. Tracking users by seeing what kind of device they’re on, demographic area and user interactions can help a lot also.

Events & Actions

Track the flow of actions users are taking in your app. You then can craft better descriptions and keywords for use in the app store! By using an analytic tool you can see the blueprint of your app. You can see how your keywords are doing, which is super important. If they aren’t performing well, then you need to change something up.


Everyone’s goal is to have a 5 star app rating, I mean who doesn’t? Having a great rating is very important because it shows potential users that other people had a great experience. Getting great reviews organically isn’t easy though. One way you can get them are pop ups when people are in your app. This step usually takes a few seconds.

Let Everyone Know Who You Are

After your app has been built, its time to revel it to the world! Make sure everyone knows who you are. It won’t be easy at first because today, there are so many competitors. Use marketing tools on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With those platforms, you can specifically target people that you want to use your app. Any ad you run on Facebook will also run on Instagram!


The last step! This one seems obvious but is probably the most important step. Apps crash. There we said it. It is so important to always roll out updates for minor changes to fonts and colors to bugs. You want your app to be in tune with the times. Take a look at the first version of the Facebook app and compare it to the most recent one.

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Follow these important steps when your new app rolls out and you can be one of the most popular apps out there!