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InnoviMobile develops and maintains cutting-edge mobile apps for B2B enterprises.

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Developing powerful apps for enterprises

InnoviMobile is an app development agency specializing in delivering complex mobile products to B2B enterprises without compromising on security, user experience and performance. We strive to help our clients generate revenue, reduce expenses and improve offerings through our mobile products.

Innovi OnDemand

Subscription-based product maintenance

Our on-demand maintenance plans allow you to pay for just the right amount of development. If you don’t want to hire a full-time employee or pay freelance developers’ exorbitant hourly rates, Innovi On Demand is right for you. Choose a monthly plan that fits your needs and sign up for a free week long trial now.

See how we helped SONIFI improve the patient experience at hospitals nationwide.


The Challenge

SONIFI Health has been a leader in delivering interactive content and connectivity solutions in medical facilities for more than 30 years. To keep in accordance with the Affordable Care Act, SONIFI was charged with taking steps to reduce the rate of readmission through creating an effective patient engagement and education solution.

The Solution

InnoviMobile developed cross-platform tablet applications, along with a sophisticated business logic and content management back-end system. The platform provides hospitals the ability to deliver educational text and video content, gives patients the ability to order their meals (a huge time-saver for the nursing staff), as well as  learn about their care team, watch movies, and even video conference with their care providers working in remote locations.

The Result

InnoviMobile’s solution for SONIFI Healthcare improves efficiency of hospital staff and at the same time, educates patients and improves their experience at hospitals nationwide. As patients become more educated and healthcare professionals become more efficient, the overall quality of healthcare improves, combating readmission of patients in accordance with federal regulations.

More Case Studies

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Streamlining power station safety checks

iOS android apps for utilities electric water


Modernizing hydrant leak and water theft reporting

What People Are Saying About Us

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“InnoviMobile really made the whole mobile experience happen. They took our knowledge base and gave it legs, enabling users to interact with and
freely share information.”

Dan Vinh, Vice President of Global Marketing at Renaissance Hotels Marriott International

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App development is just the beginning

After the initial launch, we believe in maintaining our mobile products to ensure customers and users remain satisfied. Circumstances change, as does technology, which is why we constantly monitor and evolve our products to fit your enterprises’ needs. By granting access to our expert developers at the touch of a button, our subscription-based model makes enterprise mobile management easy. Whether it’s making tweaks, adding functionality or fixing bugs, you’ll have the ideal amount of resources at your fingertips.


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Improve Service

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Reduce Expenses

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Increase Revenue

With Innovi On Demand and Innovi app monitoring, it’s never been
easier to maintain your apps.

Apps crash, but that doesn’t mean your business has to.

24/7 Crash Reports

Innovi App Monitor notifies you the second there’s a crash on any device. Our engineers immediately address the source of the problem in the source code and recommend the quickest solution to get your app back up and running again.

Mobile Application Development Services
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Make data-driven decisions.

Real-time Analytics

App Monitor includes a robust, real-time analytics dashboard that showcases vital insights, helping you and your team understand how your app’s performance is impacting your business.

Glean deep user insights, and act accordingly.

Robust Marketing Platform

Innovi App Monitor arms you with rich user profiles, allowing you to intelligently segment users for different marketing campaigns. One of our most exciting capabilities, included in all plans, is push notifications, helping you increase loyalty, user retention, and satisfaction.

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iOS App Development New York

iOS Apps

We have developed apps for smartphones and tablets that integrate location­‐based services, access to back-end platforms, and Apple WatchKit. Our mobile products take advantage of the latest hardware and system software releases for iOS.

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Android Apps

Our expertise stems from working on the earliest Android releases dating back to API Level 5 (Android 2.0 Éclair). Today we leverage Android to support apps for smartphones and tablets as well as set-top boxes and embedded systems.

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Xamarin Apps

We employ Xamarin to develop enterprise apps for multiple platforms. Our Xamarin mobile products leverage the look and feel of any given platform’s native UI with powerful functionality and native app performance.

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